I just love this band I've obsessed over for ages

I think the best EP that we did was IV, was 4. We were gonna do 3 EPs. 3 EPs and an album. And our manager rang me and he was like ‘we need to do another EP.’ And I said ‘we can’t, it doesn’t work like that. We can’t just do another one.’
And then we realised that why not? You’ve got a week, make a record in a week. We made all of those records in one week each- recorded and wrote them. And they were all done just in my bedroom, no one knew who I was. No one!
You know it’s actually so nice to think about that time. Nobody questioned me and nobody wanted me to fail. Nobody wanted us to do anything apart from just kind of exist. The small amount of people that we did. We were making really really honest records then. And IV has so far it’s alright, falling for you, that’s the best record, it’s probably my favourite record.